What the virtual race is:


Maintain your motivation and check your form despite the cancelled races. Virtual race introduces many new perspectives: you can run whenever and however you want, during the day or night, alone or with your friends. You decide on the pace.

We want everybody running on their own route to feel that they are a part of our running family.


When and how to do it:


• the date(duration) of the race is 1-30 of August, you choose the day when you’d like to run

• you can run all the distance at once : 21,1 km

• you can divide it into parts (max 4 parts)

Link to the rules:


How to sign up:


Use the link below to register:

• choose if you want to run „all at once” or if you want to divide it into parts ( separate registration links)

• choose a finisher kit that suits you and make a starting payment, details here:

• choose whether you want to collect the finisher kit personally in Running Center Run Expert in Szczecin (CH Now Turzyn al. Bohaterów Warszawy 40, I piętro) or we are supposed to send you a package (10zł to Poland, 22zł abroad for delivery)

• pay for a start and download you starting number

How to download the starting number:


You can download it from the signing panel and share it on FB encouraging others to start. Show us your number 😉
Link :


The moment of the start :


• choose a day when you want to run

• choose a route (plan it before you run)

• prepare your phone/watch with an app that saves your time and distance

• you don’t have to run with your number attached, but it will certainly be useful during a photo session (:

• prepare a distance and time measuring device: phone or watch

• take water with you

• encourage your friends to run with you

• ask your family to cheer on

• make sure that your device captured the right distance , save the results/ take a picture or a screenshot



How to send the results:


• after completing the whole distance upload a pgx or photo /-s on B4SPORTONLINE.PL,
how to upload the results:

• fill in the spaces in the form (TIME, DATE, DISTANCE). After sending the results, they have to wait for the admin to approve them

• upload a your photo with your starting number

• you can download your photo in a „souvenir” format and share it on FB

• after uploading the result you will be able to check your place in comparison with other participants, all you have to do is click „results” on the events list.

Warning: if you decided to divide your route into parts remember to upload every run in the same format, the same thing with a photo- every part has to be captured. The sum of the distances has to be equal 21km and 100m.

Important - upload all your results at one time once you cover the required distance


How to receive the finisher kit:


• after completing the race, when you will have sent your data  you will receive your virtual medal with an engraving and certificate

• if you are from Szczecin you can collect your finisher kit in RunExpert store in Nowy Turzyn from 7th to 30th of September 2020

• if you don’t live in Szczecin, the kit will be sent by Inpost to given address. The delivery will cost 10 zl and if the delivery goes abroad - 20zl

• before sending the kit, it can be decided whether the package goes to the given INpost or if it is delivered by a courier.

You decide on the way of collecting your finisher kit while signing up.